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Below are the answers to the most common questions. Please also check the forum comments for any previous questions or to post your own. Our team will check and respond to any outstanding comments here within 48 hours. See our general tutorial video below for a timed walk-through of the network.

Q: How do I become verified?

A: We are building an honest community. This means verifying your identity, becasue as we know, the internet is easily run by trolls. On your profile page, under your username, is a button that says Request Verification. Click this button and upload a photo of your id. We do not store these images nor use them for any other purposes but identifying your profile. Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

Q: How do I get a purple check?

A: Our purple check is similar to Twitter’s blue check system. We want our Superstar Lyricsters to stand out and be recognized in the community. Just reach out to us via email at team@lyricster.io ,  Subject: I want a purple check, and give us some information on who you are, what you’ve accomplished and show us some digital proof! URLS to press, social media stats, Wikipedia pages, Grammy nominations and more are the things we want to know about. Verification takes between 1-2 weeks typically. There is no limit as to how many times you may apply.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

A: You may cancel your subscription at anytime. Just click the red UNSUSCRIBE button in your edit profile page. Our payment processor is Stripe, so you will receive an email from Stripe confirming the end of your subscription. Your pre-paid access will continue as normal and you will not be charged again after.

Q: How do I suggest ideas for the network or community?

A: We are a community OF cmusic creators, BY music creators. This means we NEED you and your ideas to keep us productive. Any suggestions for the network capabilities, partnerships, opportunities, resources, events, ANYTHING, we want to hear them. Feel free to shoot us an idea at team@lyricster.io or message/tag us in the network. Our doors are always open. 

Q: How do I report inappropriate behavior?

A: There are multiple options. First, you may individually block any user. Click on their profile and scroll down to the bottom to “Disconnect”. You may also delete any messages sent to you. Click on the message and scroll to the bottom. For any inappropriate posts or groups, press the report button or email us directgly with a screenshot of the offensive content. We will delete the content manually as well as notify the user of their conduct. We reserve the right to delete anyone off of our platofrm who is being inappropriate whether they have paid or not.

Q: How do I report any software issues?

A: As a brand new network, we are constantly growing and building our network. If anything is not working, please let us know asap! Email us at support@lyricster.io, subject: Troubleshooting and detail the issue. Screenshots preferred and please tell us the type of device you are on (ex: iPhone 12 or Lenovo desktop) so we may best assist. We will respond and fix any issues as soon as possible.


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