Ready to take your live performance up a notch? Prepare for success with these five tips:

  1. Practice – Rehearse every aspect of your performance multiple times so that you can hit each note confidently and precisely. Perfect the craft of performing before you take the stage.
  2. Research – Familiarize yourself with the venue, capacity, audience demographic and ticket prices in order to tailor your set to your audience.
  3. Promote – Utilize social media and online platforms like songwriter circles and forums to create buzz around your show. Let friends and family know about it too!
  4. Prepare equipment – Don’t forget any essentials; double-check instruments, cables, mics, stands, etc., beforehand so that you are prepared for anything during the performance itself. Make sure all devices have plenty of battery power!
  5. Get into character – Entertainers must remember to connect emotionally with their audience in order for them to fully experience their music in all its glory! Visualize yourself having fun on stage when practicing at home—this will help you get into “performance mode” on show day!

By implementing these tips, you will be ready for a successful show no matter what kind of gig lies ahead—an intimate coffeehouse set or a large festival crowd!