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We want Lyricster to be the LinkedIn for music creators around the world. We understand that is a big goal, and we need you to make that happen. Our community approach to a music professional social network is empowering, authentic and unrivaled. Then we take it even further by being a Public Benefit Corporation with a mission statement to further spread the same empowerment to aspiring songwriters, producers and composers in lacking communities. By investing in Lyricster, you play a key role in both saving the future art of music creation for future visionaries across the world, and solidifying a global professional network for the under-valued, yet most essential, career musicians.

Incorporated in Delaware, launching first in Austin TX but to be located in all English-speaking countries worldwide as a social network, Lyricster, LyricsterPRO and LyricsterStudio are our three subscription-based products. Our matching app, available for music creators of all experience levels and goals, will be available in App Store and Google Play by Aug 2022. Our  professional community is available January 2022, only on Our LyricsterStudio access is a service upgrade for PRO members, available only on our private servers, for group virtual video and media sessions. With your investment, we can ensure that all products will be built on our projected schedule.

I believe Lyricster can be the globally recognized voice for some of most unacknowledged musical talents across the world. I. myself am a professional songwriter and know the difficulties music creators have in starting dialogues and discovering new like collaborators. Lyricster was specifically designed to bridge that communication gap across the world, not just for work-for-hire music gigs,  but rather to create genuine long lasting professional relationships. As Public Benefit Corporation, we can then turn our music community into a necessary resource and campaign to cultivate and teach songwriting, composition, and audio production to aspiring creators across the world. This is the way to continue independent music legacy for generations to come, in an urgent time where creativity, music and self-expression is so heavily censored and deemed non-essential.

Summer Soulstress

CEO, Founder, Lyricster

As we start raising our seed round funding, we ask that our first round investors be music creators and music lovers who understand the magnitude of the global music community we have created. Become a Lyricster today and also own stock in our Corporation. Stockholders will be directly included in deciding our charitable or benefit efforts each year. We are a music community on all fronts, online, in service, and in creating generational wealth and music. If you’re going to invest in anything, invest in an independently owned resource community dedicated to preserving the authentic creation of music.

We believe Lyricster will be an industry staple for music creators, similar to Facebook, LinkedIn and Myspace. Music is everywhere, and in all things, which means the creators of those songs will always need a way to communicate and network. Our community outreach will further cement that Lyricster be a long-lasting resource that can continue to grow and create new products, based on the needs and demands of the members that will benefit from them.  Made by music creators, for music creators, and owned by music creators. This is Lyricster.

Lyricster is a revolutionary music social network that we can fully own, control and benefit from. It’s so powerful to think of the possibilities that a global community like this can accomplish in connecting and empowering songwriters, producers and composers of all ages, genres and locations across the globe. With your help, I know Lyricster can be just as successful as Clubhouse or Instagram because music and its creators exist everywhere, at all times. Lyricster will never sell your data, and will always be independently owned. This is the only way to preserve good music and authentic creative expression, we need it now more than ever.

Summer Soulstress

CEO, Founder, Lyricster