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Find the songwriter, producer or composer nearest you, match and collaborate! ALL IN THE SAME APP. In real time, with music creators all around the world. It’s like Tinder meets Clubhouse, but geared specifically for music creators. You’ve just found your musical match!

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Launching Fall 2022.

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Our Lyricster matching app is the fastest, easiest and most FUN way to find and collaborate with songwriters, producers and composers nearest you! Unlike our PRO network, this app is for creators of ALL EXPERIENCE LEVELS, GENRES and will be available for FREE on Google Play and the App Store. Remember, Lyricster is visioned for a music creator, so we built an app with custom features perfect for musicians.

Here’s what you can do on our matching app:


Create a music creator profile

Filter by location nearest you or choose a city, state or country

Match with songwriters, producers and composers of all Genres

Privately Video Chat and message with your matches

Host or attend drop-in Audio Rooms with your matches

Search by our “sounds like” feature for more accurate reference

And the best part? It will ALWAYS BE FREE to find and connect with the creators nearest you, or as far as your fingers can swipe. So, are you ready to connect to the world of music creators with Lyricster?

Lyricster Goes Live!








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See, we find the lyrics in everything! No seriously. Lyricster is bridging the gap for search, connection and collaboration between music creators of all experience levels and genres around the world. We need your support to make this network as industry-changing as we have built it to be. 

Fill in the form on the left and be the first to receive an invitation once we launch this Fall 2022. Early invitees will get VIP membership. Coming soon to Google Play and Apple Store.

Here's what our user's have said...


“Finally a network just for songwriters! I’m not just booking a writer for one song, but I’m building my connects without feeling like I’m stalking them online. What a perfect idea.”


“This is like Tinder meets Clubhouse for songwriters and producers! So necessary to network and find new music creators and genuinely connect. The audio rooms are cool!”


“A social network of producers and songwriters, made by us. The Lyricster team is awesome, participates in all the events and responds to every suggestion. So glad to be a part of this professional music community!”