PRO Pricing

Our membership is available in 2 packages, Annual or 6 month access. Membership includes all features, as well as access to all community in-person or virtual networking events, volunteer opportunities,  merchandise giveaways and partnership discounts.

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Post news, music or videos on our newsfeed!


Follow, @, comment and message music pros directly in their inbox.

en todo el mundo

Search our global database of pro music creators by job title, label or publishing company, genre, experience levels and more!

Join public and private groups based off location, genre, interests or accomplishments!
Post opportunities in the Music Room, our insider job board only for music professionals.
Link your livestreams directly into our network!

How much is PRO membership?

Once approved for our PRO network, users will receive the link to start subscription. We offer 2 options, bi-annual and annual subscription plans. Payment is billed through Stripe and PayPal. Visa Credit, Bitcoin and Ethereum accepted. For limited time, use code WORLDLAUNCH for 100% off until 04.01.22.



6 month membership access. Billed twice annually via automatic subscription inside network.



12 month membership access. Billed once annually via automatic subscription inside network

Subscription can be cancelled anytime. Usage of network would continue until end of paid date.


“I am so happy to be a part of this network! I’m meeting new producers and songwriters in different countries and cities that I would have never ever met without Lyricster!


“I love that this network was made by music creators. The fact that they give back to music creators is amazing. Who would have ever imagined a social network that’s also a non profit? It’s great!”


“It’s cool that you can post both paid and unpaid gig opportunities and talk freely with other members. That’s one thing that makes this better than Vampr and Soundbetter and its just one yearly price!”

To welcome our music pros, we are offering free membership for all users that apply for beta access invitation until Dec 1st!

To start off this community network with the best of the best, we vet every music creator before extending the invitation. We welcome all submissions, but ask that only career songwriters, composers and producers apply.

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We accept Crypto!

Bitcoin/Ethereum/DOGE/XRP only.

No promo code allowed for crypto transaction. Please take screenshot of transaction receipt and email to and allow up to 2 days for account update.