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We are the world’s first and only music social network, with a social purpose. Founded by a professional songwriter, Lyricster is a global community of career songwriters, musicians, music producers and composers of all genres, styles, and locations around the world. As a Public Benefit Corporation, we take it one step further than connecting music creators.

The Lyricster mission is to cultivate and inspire the skilled art of music creation in aspiring music creators of all ages and experience levels across the world. This means the act of empowering songwriters, producers, composers and music artists is our first priority. We encourage the music industry to move past the one time work-for-hire mentality, or as we like to call them “musical one-night stands”, and instead create true and long-lasting professional musical relationships. With the love for music as our foundation, we believe we can change the sound of music globally through Lyricster relationships and collaborations.

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A Public Benefit Corporation

Our Mission

“To cultivate and develop the art of songwriting, production and composition in aspiring music creators of all ages, genres, and experience levels
across the world”.

What does this mean?

We dedicate yearly proceeds to our empowerment mission. As a member, or investor, you decide how that money should be used in local music communities around the globe. Who better to know what is lacking or needs improvement for creators, than the creators themselves! Our members suggest initiatives and vote in-house, and our foundation board makes those goals possible. This is how Lyricster will continue to empower future musicians intimately and for the long-term, both inside and outside of our network. 

Because music is essential, everywhere, always.

Imagine a life without recorded or written music. Exactly. Every memorable moment of our life is defined by music. Every occasion, show, production, movie, radio,  are defined with and by the music of the scene. This fact makes the creators of said music absolutely an “essential business” and we need certain resources to continue to provide it.

Music creation is an under-valued occupation.

We want to show and prove that music creation is both a pursuable career and passion. We aim to do this by using our network for community outreach for aspiring professional songwriters, producers and composers. Community jams, music education, in-studio tutorials, after-school programs, and mentorship are just a few example ideas of our mission initiatives across the world.

For creators, by creators.

We are an advocate for music creators. Who better to speak for creators, than the actual network that was created for us, by us? There is power and strength in numbers and ownership. We, at Lyricster pledge to serve the love of music first, always.

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Empowering the next round of songwriters, producers and composers.


Educational music programs in schools and communities have become a novelty item. Part of our mission is to provide freelance music education, songwriting, audio production and composition resources, from our own PRO network community, to impoverished neighborhoods across the world. As a public benefit corporation, we will use a portion of our yearly net profits towards this cause.

Message from our founder